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About Legend of Korra Universe

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The Legend Of Korra Logo.

Legend of Korra Universe was founded by Cassandra Saturn. it was created solely for all Korra Fans who like to use their Fanon or any kind of Korra stories can be welcomed here without need to be restricted. Users can personalize their profile pages, Message Walls and create stories anytime.

Right now this Wikia are in need of Editors and people who can create templates for Fanon stories.

LoKU is now home to Live Action Series of Legend of Korra. now coming soon in 2016-2017.

Founder of LoKU

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Cassandra Saturn, the Founder of LoKU.

Cassandra Saturn is the founder of LoKU, she is responsible for all maintenance and updates to LoKU. she is also looking for people who can edit and make templates for her wikia.

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